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Tom Peek lived his early life on the Upper Mississippi on a backwaters island of Minnesota river folk, beaver, and ancient burial mounds. After hitchhiking by boat through the South Seas, he settled on the island of Hawai'i, where he’s lived for more than thirty years. There, he’s been a mountain and astronomy guide on Mauna Kea and an eruption ranger, firefighter, and exhibit writer on Kilauea, working closely with Hawaiian elders and cultural practitioners on both volcanoes. An award-winning novelist and acclaimed writing teacher, he lives with his wife, artist Catherine Robbins, in a rainforest cottage near the fuming summit of Kilauea.


"Tom Peek is an organic intellectual in the tradition of Mark Twain."

—Poet Jaime Jacinto, author of Heaven Is Just Another Country


"Peek is an author who takes the time to listen and observe, honestly portraying islanders of all hues and voices."

— Nelson Ho, Sierra Club leader and longtime Mauna Kea activist

Additional information available at www.tompeek.com.